Tournament play



The tournament format is “modified Swiss”.


Matches will be to seven points with a 50 minute time limit.


Standard tournament rules will apply.  Jacoby and Crawford.  Jacoby means gammons and backgammons do not count unless the cube is turned or it is the Crawford game.  The Crawford rule applies to the first game after a player reaches match point.  In that game the cube cannot be turned.  This protects the leader from a double by the player who is behind.  The cube is active in subsequent games.


There will two divisions if there are at least 4 players to form a novice division.  l. Where possible, first round “challenge matches” may be made by the player lower in the season standings.  Otherwise, first round matches will be determined by random draw.


In subsequent rounds, matches will be winners against winners; losers against losers.  Third round matches will be winners against winners, losers against losers.  If possible undefeated player will be matched. Otherwise winners will be matched with winners and losers matched with losers if possible. The last loser will receive a bye if necessary.  If possible, players will not be required to play each other twice. 


Points will accrue towards seeding in the Bellingham Backgammon Championships held in the spring.


Points shall be awarded as follows:  Win—2 pts; bye—2pts; loss—1pt.


A portion of each Sunday night entry fee shall go towards entry in the spring tournament.