Bellingham Backgammon

Round Robin Conditions of Contest

1) One or two matches will be scheduled per month. Playing ahead is allowed.

2) Matches are arranged between players at time and place to be agreed. If a match cannot be played in the assigned month, both players must notify the director and arrange for play as soon as possible

3) Matches are 17 pts in the first division and 15 pts in the second. Crawford rule applies.  This year we will not use the Jacoby rule in Round Robin matches.  Gammons and backgammons count at all times.  The cube may not be turned for one game after the first player reaches match point.  

4) A signed score slip should be retained by the winning player but results will be recorded online by both players.  Score slips are needed only in the event of a dispute.

5) play will be completed by June 1.  Unplayed matches will count as 1/2 unless the director determines a player has withdrawn in which case it will be scored as a forfeit. Matches played after the scheduled month will result in a tie breaking penalty. Ties will be broken in favor of the player with fewer late matches.

6)  Entries will be $100 for Flight A and $25 for Flight B.  Assuming 8 players the prizes will be disributed as:
    1st 360, 2nd 240, 3rd 120  Flight A
    1st   90, 2nd  60  3rd 30  Flight B